08 November 2005

More autumn views in Westport

Client's office in Connecticut

This is the view from in front of the client's office in Westport CT. (in your google earth: lat: 41.129887° lon: -73.369330°) looking NE on an unseasonably warm Autumn day.

Saturday or Sunday morning


An expensive hotel and a bad attitude, in black.

First pictures using my new phone

A two mega-pixel camera in a phone? Yes indeed, this is what you get for a phone that costs serious money. But I love having a decent camera in my pocket all the time. These are a couple of pictures I took when I first got the camera. Many will follow.

I took these in the very first few hours I had the phone: the first at dinner, and the second on the Manhattan Bridge approach, in Chinatown. That night, most of the pictures were, well, crappy, because I had not yet worked out the quirks of the camera. There is an enormous shutter delay, so most of the images came out blurry... however, now they are better. Hopefully you will agree. When I can work it out, I will put some videos up too.