27 May 2006


On the same hoarding as the Latin graffiti in this post.

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Latin graffiti, Brooklyn

Yes, just like in the Life of Brian, I have now finally seen my first piece of Latin graffiti, on a hoarding on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. My pig-ignorant translation of "ne relinque quisquilias" is "don't leave rubbish", or, probably more correctly, "No Dumping". I await correction. Posted by Picasa

Back of a computer game box...

... or corporate philosophy? You decide. Posted by Picasa


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Reverse droplets...

... with pigs. Or pig halves. Not sure, really. Posted by Picasa

Secret Frequency Crew

180 is the new 23 Posted by Picasa

On - Off - Auto

French Restaurant, Manhattan Posted by Picasa

Subway pipes, Brooklyn

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Mars Rover Graffiti

I think this was on Mott Street. Posted by Picasa

Defunct Phone Box, Connecticut

On the platform on Westport Station, Connecticut Posted by Picasa

Fire Thing, Connecticut

Seen on the side of a hotel in Connecticut. Posted by Picasa

14 May 2006

09 May 2006